Illinois Post-Conviction Blog is owned and operated by attorney Nate Nieman, a post-conviction and appellate lawyer in Rock Island, IL. The IPCB was created as a resource for criminal defense lawyers and clients seeking to keep abreast of the quickly developing body of law concerning criminal collateral attacks in Illinois state courts. The IPCB is specifically focused on providing timely reporting and analysis of recent decisions involving Illinois’ Post-Conviction Hearing Act, §2-1401 petitions, state habeas corpus and mandamus actions, and the like.


Nate Nieman is a trial and appellate lawyer whose practice focuses on criminal defense, collateral matters, and appeals. Mr. Nieman particularly enjoys representing criminal defendants in post-trial matters, whether in post-trial motions, post-conviction petitions, or on appeal. Mr. Nieman began his career in the Dekalb County Public Defender’s office and the Office of the State Appellate Defender Third District before entering private practice in his hometown of the Quad Cities. Mr. Nieman practices state-wide in Iowa and Illinois’ state and federal trial and appellate courts. While his main office is centrally located in Rock Island, IL, Mr. Nieman has satellite offices in Chicago and Des Moines for the convenience of his clients.

Mr. Nieman has published widely on various criminal defense topics. Mr. Nieman has written several articles on criminal law and procedure for the Northern Law Blog and several articles on criminal appellate procedure for the The Brief, which is published by the Illinois Appellate Lawyer’s Association. Mr. Nieman has also published articles in the Illinois Bar Journal, the Kane County Bar Briefs, and the ISBA’s Traffic Law and Courts newsletter. PDFs of these articles are found below.

  • “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve: Ineffective Assistance of Counsel and Plea Bargaining in Illinois,” Illinois Bar Journal (March 2019). Read Full PDF >>
  • “New Grounds for Challenging Red Light Tickets After PA 96-1016 and Melendez-Diaz,” ISBA Traffic Law & Courts (March 2011). Read Full PDF >>
  • “New Duties for Criminal Defense Counsel After People v. Padilla,” Kane County Bar Briefs 30 (February 2011). Read Full PDF >>
  • “Harassment Statutes After People v. Cardamone: Lowering the Bar for Conviction but Raising Constitutional Questions,” Kane County Bar Briefs 38 (June 2010). Read Full PDF >>

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